We offer our customers feasibility studies

Provide our customers with feasibility studies for new or existing projects, which reflect the reality of the economy in terms of applicability.

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Business Gate is one of the most important companies specialized in the field of economic studies, financial analysis and evaluation of new and existing projects and the feasibility of economic projects in the Gulf region. It also had an influential role in the practical application of the law of commercial companies and everything related to the legal aspects of establishing and developing economic projects at the local and federal levels of the state.
We have a wide range of professional services:

Feasibility Studies

Market study, technical & financial study

Business Plan Design

Executive plan and detailed study

Establishing Companies

All Companies (Private – Public)

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Marketing Consulting

We are characterized by many of the business, including strategic planning for marketing and achieving the desired sales and preparation of studies and questionnaires and management of promotion and management of campaigns and management consulting for sales departments and the preparation of a plan to raise the level of performance

Economic Consulting

Our team prepares various economic studies and researches to establish new projects and expand or develop existing and non-performing projects, in addition to preparing all parts of the feasibility study according to the needs of each project, in addition to complementary studies that fall within the framework of the evaluation of some projects

Feasibility Studies

We provide our customers with feasibility studies for new or existing projects that reflect the reality of the economy in terms of their applicability and to be the cornerstone upon which to build the project work plan. We rely on a team of consultants and financial experts with more than 10 years of experience in the Middle East trade and industry market

Conferences Organizing

The service of organizing exhibitions and conferences is based on the basic elements that help to provide our services in a distinct and integrated services in this area, including:

Event Preparation, Participant Statements, Registration, Internet, Fax, Telephone, Interpreting, Design, Printing, Public Relations, Media, Lighting, Photography, Event Management and Selection of Speakers

Marketing Consulting

We strive to provide our clients with a detailed map of the most important funding and support agencies and a detailed explanation of the requirements and requirements of each party, as well as provide good solutions on how to get support through the expertise of our consultants. We are distinguished by providing advisory sessions related to buying and selling foreign currencies on high quality of accuracy including comprehensive recommendations

Marketing Consulting

We aim to contribute to improving the performance levels of institutions and companies, and raise their efficiency in meeting the needs and desires of customers, and help them to identify and achieve their future goals. We provide services that satisfy the ambition in the field of human resources, including a range of distinctive services, the preparation of the performance appraisal system, and the provision of management consulting service related to the field of employment

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